Welcome to TRU PRO's Tennis String Sample Testing Program. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality tennis strings to the tennis community, and rigorous testing plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

We are currently conducting tests on various types of strings, including poly, multifilament, and nylon, with different gauges and unique string characteristics. To ensure accurate and reliable feedback, we need the right individuals to participate in our testing process.

How to qualify for a FREE string sample?

Please carefully complete the form below, providing all the necessary details. By doing so, we can better understand who will be testing the string. If you are selected for the string test, we will send the string sample to the address provided in the form below. Accuracy is key! If you are chosen as a tester, please provide feedback within 2 weeks of receiving the string set. To submit your evaluation, please use our feedback form, available at:

Thank you for your interest in our Tennis String Sample Testing Program. We appreciate your contribution to improving our products and serving the tennis community with the highest quality strings.

The String Test Application is now closed!