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Welcome to the TRU PRO Affiliate Program!

Join us in our mission to spread the love for high-quality tennis gear. As a TRU PRO Tennis Affiliate, you can promote our products on your website, via email, or social media, and get paid! Our program is absolutely free to join and easy to sign up.

How it works

Once you become a member of the program, you will have access to banners, text links, and other marketing materials that you can use for promotional purposes wherever you like. When users click on one of the links you placed, they will be directed to our online store, and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate program. When a user completes a purchase, you earn commission!

Why Join Us?

  • Multiple Programs: Pick from a variety of affiliate programs, each offering unique discounts and commission structures.
  • Earn Commission: Enjoy generous commission on successful referrals.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Provide special purchase discounts on TRU PRO products to your followers.
  • Promotional Support: Access ready-to-use banners and materials for your social media and blogs.
  • Easy Integration: Effortlessly integrate our promotional materials into your digital platforms.
  • Dedicated Assistance: Our team is here to support and guide you.
  • Performance Insights: Track your referrals and earned money from your TRU PRO account.

How to Start:

  1. Create an Account: Sign up at TRU PRO's website.
  2. Find the Affiliate Tab: In your account, select the 'Affiliate' tab.
  3. Add Your URL: Optionally, add the URL of your website or specific traffic-driving link.
  4. Enter PayPal Details: Provide your PayPal email for commission transfers.

You're all set to begin your affiliate journey with us!


Need help setting up an Affiliate Campaign? Check out our user guide.


We’re always on the lookout for passionate and creative individuals who share our love for tennis. If you believe your enthusiasm and influence align with our brand, we’d love to hear from you. As a TRU PRO influencer, you not only have the opportunity to share our products with your tennis audience but also earn commission through our Affiliate Program.