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DEMO PACKAGE: 6 Poly + Triumph (multi) Tennis String Set

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This introductory package allows new customers to order and test all our co-polyester string sets + 1 set of Triumph (high-end multifilament). The package will include one set of Firewire, Ghost Wire, Black Knight, Durafluxx, Atomos, Tour Status, and Triumph.

All co-polyester string sets will be sent in the same gauge selected.

IMPORTANT: Triumph 16g will be added to 16g orders. Triumph 17g will be added to 17g and 18g orders.

Please see "Specifications" for details.



6 Co-Polyester Tennis Strings + Triumph Demo Package:


BLACK KNIGHT:16g (1.28mm), 17g (1.23mm), 18g (1.18mm)POLYESTERBLACK12.2 m/40 ft
FIREWIRE:16g (1.30mm), 17g (1.25mm), 18g (1.20mm)POLYESTERRED or BLACK12.2 m/40 ft
GHOST WIRE:16g (1.27mm), 17g (1.22mm), 18g (1.17mm)POLYESTERWHITE12.2 m/40 ft
DURAFLUXX:16g (1.28mm), 17g (1.23mm), 18g (1.18mm)POLYESTERSILVER12.2 m/40 ft
TOUR STATUS:16g (1.30mm), 17g (1.25mm), 18g (1.20mm)POLYESTERBLACK12.2 m/40 ft
ATOMOS16g (1.30mm), 17g (1.25mm), 18g (1.20mm)POLYESTERSILVER12.2 m/40 ft
TRIUMPH16g (1.30mm), 17g (1.25mm),MULTIFILAMENTCLEAR12.2 m/40 ft


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